Welcome To St Dominic's Catholic Church

Opened in February 1968 and now consists of about 1632 parishioners which adds up to 654 families.

The parish secretary is Mrs. Linda Madden, who works in the office from 08h00 to 14h30, Mondays to Fridays. St Dominic's also serves one Zulu outstation, Embo, which is situated in the beautiful Valley of 1000 Hills and is a place of worship for about 750 Zulu-speaking Catholics.

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Pope Francis urges us to go to confession. "Everyone say to himself: ‘When was the last time I went to confession?’ And if it has been a long time, don’t lose another day!
Our Penitential Service will be on Tuesday 5 December at 18h00.

Pre-Baptism Course

Parents wishing to have their babies baptised need to attend this course. The next one will be held in January. Please see Father John before attending.


Mass Times

Penitential Service: Tuesday 5 December @ 18:00
4th Sunday of Advent : Saturday 23 December @ 17:30
Sunday 24 Decmber @ 8:00
Christmas Eve
 * Carols @ 19:30 * Vigil Mass @ 20:00
 Christmas Day @ 8:00

New Years Masses:
 * New Years Eve @ 17:00
 * Monday 1 January @ 9:00

Season of Advent

Advent is a period of preparation, extending over four Sundays, before Christmas. For Catholics, advent has two parts. The first part of advent, which extends from the 1-17 Dec. draws our attention to the second coming of Christ at the end of time. Then the second part, 17th-onwards, is to prepare for the first coming of Christ - His birth in a stable at Bethlehem.

Father John's 25th Anniversary of Ordination

Father John celebrated his 25th Anniversary of Ordination on 10 January 2017.
It was a really special occasion with guests coming from around the country.
After the Celebratory mass a delicious lunch was served and enjoyed by all.

Confirmation 2017

  The Confirmation of  Matteo, Michael, Robyn,Luke, Ntokozo, Nathan and Dylan was celebrated by Father Brett  on 15 October. To these 7 young people may the Holy Spirit guide you and bring you great joy now and  always.   

More pictures can be viewed under St Dom's "Happenings".                       


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    Currently, the only items we have under this catagory is "The Rosary", "The Holy Father's Monthly Intentions" and "Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament".
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Latest News

Sunday Mass: Created Equal?

November 16th
Those often quoted words, "all men are created equal," are both true and false. All men and women are creations of God endowed by God with certain rights that cannot be taken away, no one person has greater rights than another. Yet all people are not equally blessed with abilities and skills, the Lord expects us to use whatever talents he has given us to further the growth of his Kingdom on earth. 

Sunday Mass: Remembering the Forecast

November 10th
The Church has been forecasting the glorious Second Coming of the Lord. It continues to make that forecast several times during the celebration of every Sunday Mass. This Sunday's readings address why that forecast has not yet come about and why that forecast should still be taken to heart.

Sunday Mass: Judging Our Leaders

November 03rd
Sunday's readings focus on religious leaders. Such leaders, like all those in positions of authority, are always being judged. Whether we voice our judgments or keep them to ourselves, all of us judge our bishops, pastors, priests, and deacons. Our judgments need to be tempered with mercy and compassion.


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    8:00am, 10:00am (Zulu
    @ Embo Out-station),
    5:00pm (Youth)


    Saturday 5:00pm
    (Or By Request)