The Rosary

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The Joyful Mysteries
1st Mystery:  The Angel appears to Mary announcing that she is to be the mother of Jesus: Luke 1,28
2nd  Mystery: Mary visits her cousin Elizabeth: Luke 1,41-43
3rd Mystery: The Birth of Our Lord Jesus: Luke2,6-7
4th Mystery: Mary and Joseph present Jesus in the Temple: Luke 2,22
5th  Mystery: The boy Jesus is found with the teachers in the Temple: Luke 2,46

The Luminous Mysteries
1st Mystery: Jesus is baptised in the Jordan River:  Mark 1,9
2nd Mystery: Jesus turns water into wine at the wedding in Cana:  John 2,1
3rd Mystery: Jesus proclaims the Kingdom of God: Mark 1,14-15
4th Mystery: Jesus is transfigured on the mountain: Mark 9,2-3
5th Mystery: Jesus institutes the Blessed Eucharist at the Last Supper: Luke 22,17-20
The Sorrowful Mysteries
1st Mystery: The agony of Jesus at Gethsemane: Mark 14,32
2nd Mystery: Jesus is scourged at the Pillar: Matthew 27,26
3rd  Mystery: The soldiers crown Jesus  with thorns: Matthew 27,27-29
4th  Mystery: Jesus carries His Cross: John 19,17
5th  Mystery: Jesus dies on the Cross: John 19,26-27
The Glorious Mysteries
1st  Mystery: Jesus rises from the dead: Matthew: 28,6
2nd Mystery: Jesus ascends into Heaven: Luke 24,50-51
3rd  Mystery: The Holy Spirit descends on Mary and the Apostles: Acts 2,3-4
4th Mystery: Mother Mary is assumed into Heaven
5th Mystery: Mother Mary is crowned Queen of Heaven: Rev 12,1

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