Our Parish

The St Dominic's community is a vibrant one and there's always something going on. Below you can find some basic details of the ministries in our parish. Should you wish to join one of these groups or simply know a bit more about it, please contact the respective group leader – their contact information is available from the parish office.


Secretarial Skills and Office Reception

The parish office often needs extra help at busy times of the year. If you have office admin and basic computer skills, we would love to have you. Contact: Parish Office – 031 765 1741


Building Maintenance

If you have knowledge of plumbing, building, carpentry, painting and electrical work, you are invited to utilise your skills for the general upkeep of the parish buildings. Contact:  Ian Mathews

Church Gardens

Can you help keep our gardens beautiful? If you have green fingers, this ministry is for you. Contact: Parish Office – 031 765 1741



There is always a demand for organists, pianists, guitarists, violinists and drummers – in fact anything goes! Please specify the instrument you play on the dedication form. Contact: Fiona Campbell


If you have a good singing voice, join the choir! The choir leads our worship on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month, at the 8.00am mass.| Contact: Michael Ronald

Folk Group

Folk music is slightly less traditional. The Folk Group leads our worship on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month at the 8.00am mass. | Contact: Justin Butt

Saturday Choir

A very traditional choir that leads our singing at the Saturday evening Mass. |Contact: Sybil Forbay

Praise & Worship

For a contemporary Christian worship experience, join the Praise & Worship team! They lead our singing at the 5.30pm Sunday mass. | Contact: Brian Kuhnert

Floral Arrtists

If you have been blessed with a talent for arranging flowers, you may wish to join this group. Contact: Bev Wortmann

Ministers of Hospitality (Ushers)

Their duties are to prepare the church for Mass, welcome the congregation, and if necessary help them find a seat. They hand out bulletins, and assist by taking up the collection and supervise the Offertory procession. |Contact: Fiona Campbell


This service involves helping to set up and prepare the Altar for Mass and ensuring everything is put away afterwards. | Contact: Fiona Campbell

Church Vestments (Sewing)

Nimble fingers? Here’s an opportunity for ladies with sewing talents to help sew and mend our church vestments.

Altar Servers

A great opportunity for the younger members of our parish to assist with our liturgies. | Contact: Wally Lage


If you can work a computer efficiently, we need your help in projecting the Masses over the weekend. | Contact: Fiona Campbell

Sound Engineers

If you have a talent for running a mixer desk for sound equipment, this is for you!


Social Life

We need enthusiastic, committed and fun-loving people to help organise and run all parish social events in order to enable parishioners to enjoy themselves in community. | Contact: Colleen Kilfoil

Teas after Mass

We need your help to serve tea and coffee after mass on Sunday mornings / evenings. | Contact: Pam Montile


Community Service

Members seek to give practical expression to their Christian faith through uplifting and empowering needy members of the community by providing skills training and infrastructure to select projects. | Contact: Sabrina Thompson


If you have time during the day to visit the elderly, sick or lonely members of the parish, consider involvement with this group of caring people. | Contact: Marilyn Daly

Ladies’ Guild

These ladies form a vital part of parish life, being responsible for catering on special occasions. They do the “housekeeping” of the parish and in addition promote fellowship amongst women. | Contact: Lynette Kuster

Spiritual Life

This group explores the various ways in which the parish can provide on-going formation in the Catholic faith. It coordinates opportunities for personal growth in spirituality through retreats, breakfast talks and programmes such as CaFE. | Contact: Pauline Rousseau


This society cares for the less privileged members of our parish, sister parishes and the surrounding community at large. | Contact: Mary Henderson

Welcome Committee

Help welcome new parishioners into our parish after mass over the weekend. Committee members will take down information of the new parishioner and forward the info to the parish office for follow up. | Contact: Raymond Turner


Junior Church Facilitator

This takes place during the 8am mass on Sundays. Junior Church leaders supervise children of ages 3–7 during the Liturgy of the Word. Liturgies will be provided. | Contact: Janet Turner

Primary Catechesis (Grades 1– 4)

Catechists are required to teach every Tuesday afternoon. If you have a passion for teaching children and passing on the faith, this is your ministry. Programmes are provided. | Contact: Cathrine Purcell

Edge Support (Grade 5 – Grade 7 )

Aimed for young Teens as a pre-class to Life Teen. This takes place on Tuesday from 16:00-17:00 . | Contact: Janet Turner


LifeTeen (Grade 8 – Grade 10 )

This is our high school Catechetical programme. If you have a heart for youth, and would like to share your faith, this is where God might be calling you.. | Contact: Mike and Julie Ronald

Confirmation (Grade 11)

This is the fianl year of Catechism where we will confirm our young adults. . | Contact: Leo and Hilary Davis



The repository, situated next to the Meeting Place, is open after every Mass. Volunteers are needed to assist in selling religious goods on sale. | Contact: Robynne Lott