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Sunday Mass: What did He Pray For

March 15th
 Jesus prays that we might come to know him better. He prays that we might grow in our relationship with him. He prays that we might truly recognize him as the only one we are to obey and follow.

Sunday Mass: Whispering Temptations

March 08th
 This season of Lent calls us to be more aware of the temptations that the devil is whispering into our ears. Temptations that we will only be able to resist if, like Jesus, we are armed with the truth of God's Word.

Sunday Mass: Words Reveal

March 04th
We also learn a lot from listening to people talk. And people learn a great deal about us from our words. In Sunday's First Reading (Sirach 27:4-7), Sirach, the wise Jewish teacher, tells us to listen carefully to a person's speech for it reveals what is in that person's heart.