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Sunday Mass: What's Your Grade?

May 17th
It's easy for us to consider ourselves as "passable" Christians if we grade ourselves. But the mark that will count on our final transcript is not the one we award ourselves, but the one based on the criteria set by Jesus, our teacher. "Love one another. As I have loved you."

Sunday Mass: Jeopardy

May 10th
Imagine for a moment the category was religion, and the answer given was, "He is the Good Shepherd." Anyone with even a passing knowledge of Christianity, would most likely respond, "Who is Jesus Christ?" And they would be right!

Sunday Mass: More Than A Fish Story

May 03rd
There are those who dismiss the resurrection as a pious myth, or a deceitful fraud perpetrated on gullible people. This Gospel is not some "fish story" to use a colloquial expression, but a detailed account that proclaims the reality of the Lord's Resurrection.We believe not just because we are people of faith, but because the Lord gives us proof of his resurrection.