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Sunday Mass: Doing the More Important

July 13th
While we can easily disregard the instructions that Jesus gives in Sunday's Gospel as impractical, we need to see what was behind them. Once we know that, then we will know what Jesus most wants us to do. In other words, carrying a walking stick and having an empty wallet are not as important as doing our best to share the message of Jesus!

Sunday Mass: Thick Skin

July 06th
In this Sunday's readings we hear about people who were dealing with rejection.Certainly, Jesus suffered rejection many times, but the rejection by those who knew him and knew his family may have been the most difficult to bear. But despite the closed hearts and minds they encountered, despite the rejection they experienced, Ezekiel and Jesus continued to deliver God's message.

Sunday Mass: Gracious Action

June 28th
If we appreciated the care and generosity God has shown, and continues to show us, we would need no further motivation to make us generous and compassionate people.The "gracious act of our Lord Jesus Christ" should lead us to gracious generosity just as it led the Christians of Corinth to respond to the appeal of Saint Paul.