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Sunday Mass: Summer Replacement

July 27th
During the summer, some companies hire temporary workers to fill in for employees who are on vacation.Since this liturgical year, our Gospel readings have generally been taken from Saint Mark. However, for the next five Sundays, beginning this Sunday, the Gospel readings will be taken not from Mark but from Saint John.We might say that during these weeks Mark goes on vacation and the Church asks John to fill in!

Sunday Mass: The Friendship Maker

July 20th
We might say that Saint Paul describes Jesus as the friendship maker, as the one who brings people together, through the ministry of Jesus, Jews and Gentiles were brought together and the hostility separating them overcome. They have become friends through the work of the Lord. But we  have an example far closer to home and in our own day and age.We need to look no further than our own parish. 

Sunday Mass: Doing the More Important

July 13th
While we can easily disregard the instructions that Jesus gives in Sunday's Gospel as impractical, we need to see what was behind them. Once we know that, then we will know what Jesus most wants us to do. In other words, carrying a walking stick and having an empty wallet are not as important as doing our best to share the message of Jesus!