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Sunday Mass: My Truth?

November 23rd
This Sunday, we celebrate the Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe. As we do so, we need to remember that our King is also the King of Truth. Until people come to know and accept that truth, our world will be pulled in every direction but the right one!


Sunday Mass: Most Near Us

November 16th
We have a God who is always with us, but particularly so in our moments of pain and sorrow. Just as true friends stand by us not just in the joys of life but also in its sorrows, God, our truest friend, does the same. We need to remember that when our lives are falling apart, that the Lord comes even closer to us.

Sunday Mass: Their Motto

November 09th
In this Sunday's readings we meet two widows who are famous for their generosity.But perhaps there is another quality that we should associate with those two widows, and that quality is trust. It was their trust in God that allowed them to act with such generosity.