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Sunday Mass: Casting Us

February 01st
Imagine for a moment that a movie producer was making a contemporary version of the Gospel passage that we hear this Sunday. A casting director looking for extras to play the people of Nazareth would not have far to look. Today, there are more people than ever who do not understand who Jesus truly is.

Sunday Mass: New Thinking

January 25th
The main mission of Jesus was to proclaim a new way of thinking about God, about ourselves, and about life. If we think as Jesus taught, our behavior changes for the better and God's kingdom comes into our lives and into our world.

Sunday Mass: On the Guest List

January 18th
The right mix of people is the critical ingredient for any successful party.The couple at Cana would tell us, if you want a great party, if you want a great life, put Jesus on your guest list. After all, we've been talking about their party in Cana for 2,000 years.