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Sunday Mass: Why This Death?

March 29th
We might answer that the death of Jesus was different because the sufferings that he endured were unlike like those inflicted on any other person – the scourging, the crowning with thorns, the carrying of the cross, the piercing of his hands and feet with nails, his slow suffocation, his public humiliation and mockery.

Sunday Mass: I Hate My Life!

March 22nd
“I hate my life!” If parents learned their teenager had posted those words on his or her Facebook page or “tweeted” them to a friend, they obviously would be concerned. The same kind of concern would fill the heart of a wife if she heard her husband mumbling those words day after day as he returned home from work. 

Sunday Mass: Darkening the Light!

March 15th
Christians are called to follow Jesus, the light of the world. They are to shine the light of his teachings and the values of the Gospel into the dark places of the world. But just as many people reacted with hostility to the light of Christ, so the light that Christians are called to shine is often met with that same hostility. That is especially true in our day when the darkness seems to deepen day by day.