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Sunday Mass: A Good Shepherd Connects

April 26th
In this Sunday’s Gospel (John 10:11-18) Jesus speaks of two kinds of people, those who work only for pay and those whose actions are motivated by something more. Jesus contrasts a hired man with a good shepherd.

Sunday Mass: God is a Planner

April 19th
When humanity used the free will God had given it to turn away from him and sin, God did not simply let humanity wander off on its own from sin to sin. God developed a plan to bring humanity back into the faithful, loving relationship that God had envisioned. God developed a plan of salvation.

Sunday Mass: The Hardest To Forgive

April 12th
This Sunday’s Gospel (John 20:19-31) is about a person who forgives his friends for the pain and hurt they caused him. In fact, he forgives them even before they express a word of sorrow and remorse. That person is the Risen Lord.