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Sunday Mass: Investment Returns

February 28th
In this Sunday's Gospel (Luke 13:1-9), Jesus tells a parable which indicates that God has that same expectation.


Sunday Mass: Checking Our Listening

February 21st
In this Sunday's Gospel (Luke 9:28-36), Peter, James, and John are told very specifically to whom they are to listen. In that passage, Jesus takes those disciples with him as he goes up a mountain to pray. In an intense moment of prayer Jesus is transfigured. His divine glory breaks through and Moses and Elijah appear and speak about what awaits Jesus in Jerusalem.

Sunday Mass: The Devil and Valentine's Day

February 14th
This Sunday, February 14, is Valentine's Day. A day associated with love and romance, hearts and flowers, Hallmark cards with sentimental verses, candy and jewelry, proposals of marriage and wedding ceremonies, and of course restaurants crowded with loving couples.