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Sunday Mass: Eye Witnesses

March 27th
This Sunday, Easter Sunday, we hear about the most important event in human history, the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. The obvious question that comes to mind, and surely was asked that first Easter Sunday by the Pharisees and the scribes, by Pilate and Herod, and by the people of Jerusalem and especially by the disciples of Jesus was, "Did anyone see what happened? "

Sunday Mass: Injustice Sunday

March 20th
This Sunday, Passion Sunday, might be called "Injustice Sunday." It is a day when we read a Gospel passage (Luke 22:14 - 23:56) that tells of an innocent person being convicted and punished, and guilty people being set free.

Sunday Mass: Who Am I To Judge?

March 13th
"Who am I to judge?" Those five words spoken by Pope Francis in July of 2013 are among the most remembered and quoted words of the Holy Father. Those words were part of his reply to a reporter's question dealing with homosexuality.