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Sunday Mass: More Than Tuna Sandwiches!

May 29th
Imagine you were in a crowd of some 5,000 people who had gathered in a seldom used athletic field to listen to a charismatic speaker. You were so caught up in what you were hearing that you paid little attention to the hunger pains in your stomach that were getting sharper as the day progressed.


Sunday Mass: The Trinity Connection

May 22nd
This Sunday as we celebrate the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity, we celebrate our belief that the one God we worship is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Three divine persons, one God.


Sunday Mass: The Beginning and The End

May 15th
This Sunday that Easter homily ends with the news that the Spirit of the Risen Lord was unleashed upon this world. (Acts 2:1-11) That Spirit blew the disciples out of their tombs of fear and into the streets of Jerusalem. It fired them up to boldly announce the "mighty acts of God" made present in Jesus Christ.