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Sunday Mass: Bigger Barns?

July 31st
In this Sunday's Gospel (Luke 12:13-21), Jesus tells a parable about a rich man who does hit it big. The man's fields produce such an amazingly large harvest of grain that his barns simply cannot hold it all. He is blessed with a harvest far larger than any he could have imagined.


Sunday Mass: The Indifferent One?

July 24th
In this Sunday's Gospel (Luke 11:1-13), Jesus tells a parable that might lead one to assume why God does nothing. God must be asleep at the switch.


Sunday Mass: Who Does the Doing?

July 17th
In this Sunday's Gospel (Luke 10:38-42), we meet a woman whose answer would be, "True, absolutely true." She would wholeheartedly agree that religion is about doing things for God.