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Sunday Mass: Deserving, Undeserving

August 28th
In this Sunday's Gospel (Luke 14:7-14), Jesus observes individuals who are vying for places of honor at a dinner party. They feel they deserve those privileged places since in their minds they are more important than the other guests who have been invited.


Sunday Mass: Entitled To Heaven

August 21st
This Sunday's Gospel (Luke 13:22-30), Jesus makes it clear that those who think that way, who think they are entitled to a place in the kingdom of heaven are deluding themselves.


Sunday Mass: Why Not Me?

August 14th
Today, Christians in some parts of the world are being more than bullied, they are being persecuted. They are being persecuted even more violently and extensively than they were in the first years of Christianity, when followers of Christ were oppressed and executed by order of the Emperors of Rome.