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Sunday Mass : Worry & Warning

February 24th
This Sunday's Gospel is not meant to tell Christians to be unconcerned about what they need to care for themselves and their families. It is meant to warn us that the more we have, the greater the danger that what we possess will possess us.

Sunday Mass : More than one meaning

February 17th

Words often have more than one, fixed meaning.
That is also true with the word "love." ln this Sunday's Gospel (Matthew 5:38-48), Jesus tells his disciples, "love your enemies."
  But what exactly does Jesus mean when he tells us to "love" our enemies?

Sunday Mass : The Heart of the matter

February 10th
The heart symbol might be fittingly applied to the Gospel Reading (Matthew 5:17-37) for this Sunday before Valentine's Day. For in that Gospel passage Jesus challenges his disciples to get to the heart of the matter.