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Sunday Mass: A Mountain Check Up

August 03rd
Whenever we go a particular place, we do so for a reason. In Sunday's Gospel (Matthew 17:1-9), we hear how "Jesus took Peter, James, and his brother, John, and led them up a high mountain." But why did Jesus go up that mountain in the first place? He obviously had a purpose in mind.

Sunday Mass: Deciding for the Kingdom

July 28th
This Sunday's scripture readings focus our attention on decisions. King Solomon sought wisdom so he could make good decisions. Good decisions bring forth the kingdom of heaven. Bad decisions strengthen the evils plaguing our world.

Sunday Mass: Not All Win

July 21st
Not every actor gets an Oscar, not every writer receives a Pulitzer, not every musician earns a Grammy, and not every outstanding scientist is recognized with a Nobel Prize. In life, not everyone gets an award, prizes are awarded to those judged worthy to receive them. This Sunday, Jesus reminds us that this holds equally true in our spiritual lives.