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Sunday Mass: Knowing is not Enough

August 25th
We are far more influenced in our lives by the people we know than by the things we learn. Relationships motivate us more than knowledge. That is also true when it comes to faith.If children are to remain practicing Catholics, if any of us are to remain strong in our faith, we need to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Sunday Mass: Was that a Flip-Flop

August 18th
Growth in wisdom, understanding, and age  should be a continuing part of every human life. A person who never changes his or her mind, a person who never flip-flops, is a person whose psychological and spiritual growth is stunted. Jesus changed his mind and he certainly expects his followers to be open to having their minds changed for the better, and open to the Spirit of God leading them in new directions.

Sunday Mass: Staying on the Boat

August 11th
Sunday's Gospel tells us to remain in the boat, to continue to find our place in the nave. It also reminds us that Peter only began to sink when he stepped out of the boat.Our Church may be rocked, pitched about, and shaken, but it is the boat that will take us to "the other side," that will take us to the kingdom.  We need to stay on board!