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Sunday Mass: Needed for a Change of Mind

September 29th
People can have many reasons for changing their minds, for adjusting their way of thinking, and for altering their behavior.But besides having a reason, something else is required for a change of mind. A person needs humility. A person has to be humble enough to admit that he or she was wrong.

Sunday Mass: God is not Like us

September 22nd
God does not act according to our expectations.God is all good, all caring, all merciful, and all just, but how and when God shows those qualities is God's choice. God does not have to act as we would. God does not have to prove anything to us.

Sunday Mass: How Many Times

September 15th
This Sunday's Gospel (Matthew 18:21-25), focuses our attention on the amount of forgiveness that God offers us and the amount of forgiveness God expects us to offer those who sin against us.