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Sunday Mass: Our Undercover Boss

November 24th
As this liturgical year of 2017 comes to a close, Sunday's Gospel reminds us that day in and day out, year in and year out, the Lord comes into our lives. He comes in ways we expect, but most of the time he comes in unexpected ways. The Lord comes undercover. He is an Undercover Boss!

Sunday Mass: Created Equal?

November 16th
Those often quoted words, "all men are created equal," are both true and false. All men and women are creations of God endowed by God with certain rights that cannot be taken away, no one person has greater rights than another. Yet all people are not equally blessed with abilities and skills, the Lord expects us to use whatever talents he has given us to further the growth of his Kingdom on earth. 

Sunday Mass: Remembering the Forecast

November 10th
The Church has been forecasting the glorious Second Coming of the Lord. It continues to make that forecast several times during the celebration of every Sunday Mass. This Sunday's readings address why that forecast has not yet come about and why that forecast should still be taken to heart.