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Sunday Mass: Family Traditions

December 27th
Most families have special traditions and rituals that they follow. Jesus grew up in a home where Mary and Joseph faithfully followed their religious customs, traditions, and rituals. Being in such an environment helped Jesus to grow in wisdom and grace.Jesus, Mary, and Joseph show us that loving families, holy families, are ones where parents and children keep the traditions, rituals, and customs of their faith.

Sunday Mass: The Main Character

December 22nd
God is the main character in Sunday's Gospel and throughout the Gospels of the coming Christmas Season. In fact, God is the main character throughout the scriptures. God reaches out to us. We are people of faith, not because of what we have done, but because God has touched our lives in some way and brought us to faith.

Sunday Mass: Attention Getters

December 15th
When someone grabs our attention, questions come to mind. Who is that? Why are they acting that way? Where are they from? Is this someone to avoid or someone worth meeting? In this Sunday's Gospel, we meet someone who certainly caught the attention of people - John the Baptist, he got people asking questions. As Christians we are to do the same; we are to attract attention and not just be part of the scenery!