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Sunday Mass: Context Helps

February 23rd
When we begin reading a story, we usually open to the first page. As we read page after page we come to know the setting, the situation, and the characters involved. The best way to understand a story is to read it from the beginning. In that way, we can see things in context.This Sunday's Gospel Reading, which relates the transfiguration of Jesus, is from the middle part of Mark's Gospel.

Sunday Mass: Repenting and Believing

February 20th
As Lent begins, Jesus tells us once again, "Repent, and believe in the Gospel." The fact that we keep hearing those words shows the Lord's desire for us to turn from sin and to deepen our relationship with him."Repent, and believe in the Gospel." Those are actions we need to take this Lent and throughout our lives.

Sunday Mass: Screening For Sin

February 09th
Today the number one disease of the body is heart disease, at the time of the Gospels it was leprosy. But then and today the number one disease of the spirit remains the same. It is sin! Lent needs to be a time for us to look at our lives and recognize the sins that are there, especially those sins we often fail to see.