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Sunday Mass: Easter and April Fools

March 29th
The forces of darkness conspire to do their best to play an April Fools' Day hoax on us the whole year long.They tell us that our human lives have no meaning.Easter Sunday, falling on the day it does, warns us not to be taken in by the hoax put forth by a godless world. Easter Sunday tells us not to be April fools!

Sunday Mass: The Right Question

March 23rd
After hearing Sunday's Gospel we might ask, "Why? Why did Jesus die on the cross?"Asking the question that way would seem to imply that dying on the cross was something Jesus wanted to do. Perhaps we should be asking, "Why was Jesus killed?" That question implies that Jesus was the victim of evil. The cross was not his desire, nor the desire of his heavenly Father.

Sunday Mass: To know or not to know

March 15th
The date each of us was born is something we know and celebrate, but the day we will die is something most of us would rather not know.Yet when it does come, those who follow Jesus can face that hour knowing that it is not the end of our existence but our being drawn into new life with the Lord.