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Sunday Mass: Their Motto

November 09th
In this Sunday's readings we meet two widows who are famous for their generosity.But perhaps there is another quality that we should associate with those two widows, and that quality is trust. It was their trust in God that allowed them to act with such generosity.


Sunday Mass: More than by Feelings

November 02nd
We cannot just go by our feelings to determine our state of health. And we cannot go only by our feelings to determine if we are truly loving God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. That takes an examination; it takes an honest assessment of how we are treating our neighbor.

Sunday Mass: What's in a Name?

October 26th
We expect the names of people to appear in stories.In the Gospel we are not told the names of those cured by Jesus. In relating the cure of the blind Bartimaeus, Mark may be indicating that not only were the man's eyes opened, but the man's view of existence was opened as well. Sometimes there is more to a name than we might imagine.