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Sunday Mass: Seeking Power and Position

October 19th
During the political season as candidates give of their time, energy, and resources to win elections, Sunday's Gospel reminds us that we are to use the blessings that God has given us to be of service to others


Sunday Mass: Hard not Easy

October 12th
Having wealth seems to make things easy and to open doors that otherwise would be closed. However, having wealth does not always make things easy.While wealth, money, and possessions can make things easier in this life, they can make things harder in our journey to eternal life. 

Sunday Mass: Messages For Today

October 05th
This week's  First Reading is not meant to teach us about creation, rather it is meant to teach us about ourselves.We learn that we were created with a need for relationship and connection, with a need for community. Just as hunger pains tell us that we need to eat, so pangs of loneliness remind us of our need for human relationships.