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Sunday Mass: Selective Conditions

September 07th
There are times we choose not to hear, or not to speak. Selective deafness and selective speech impairment also happen in our spiritual lives, we listen only to the Words of the Gospel and the teachings of the Church that affirm us and do not challenge our way of living. We need to call upon the Lord to touch our hearts, our ears, and our lips, to give us courage.

Sunday Mass: Easy Listening

August 31st
Easy Listening music is like background sound, often not even noticed. When it comes to scriptures, many people prefer "easy listening." They want sermons that are optimistic and encouraging and that promise that tomorrow will be better....God's word is not "easy listening" for it confronts us with our sinfulness. It shows us the speech, attitudes, and actions we need to change to be true followers of Christ.

Sunday Mass: Major needs Minor

August 24th
In life, we are sometimes faced with major decisions that can have serious, long-term consequences.Major decisions must be backed up by a continuing series of minor decisions.Unless we make good minor decisions, our major decisions will be just words.The readings this Sunday are about people faced with major decisions.