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Sunday Mass: Flesh and Blood Donors

August 17th
By giving blood to organizations like the Red Cross, blood donors help people to live. They save lives.Giving blood is an unselfish act. Certainly, that was profoundly the case with Jesus who poured out his blood for us on the cross, and who continues to give of his blood as we share the consecrated wine at Mass.

Sunday Mass: Listen and Learn

August 10th
We know  so much about our close friends.We come to know Jesus Christ in the same way. We have learned by reflecting on Gospel accounts, we have been told  by family members, catechists, priests, and by the Church. But we have also come to know Jesus because he has told us about himself.

Sunday Mass: Why Questions

August 03rd
Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?  When we look at Jesus' miracles, we need to consider the WHY.  For every miracle is a sign meant to lead us to a deeper understanding, He did what he did in order to provide a sign that would cause people to see him in a new way and ready them to hear his message.