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Sunday Mass: Darkness Required

January 03rd
Matthew's story about the coming of the magi is not just a heart-warming story about exotic visitors bringing gifts to a little baby boy or a call to personal generosity.
Matthew is using that event to teach us about Jesus and to challenge us spiritually.

Sunday Mass: Growing in Understanding

December 21st
We sometimes find it hard to understand people, that includes the people in our own families. We should not find that surprising, even the members of the Holy Family had difficulty understanding one another.

Sunday Mass: Needed Encouragement

December 14th
A sports team is most in need of enthusiastic fans not when it is doing well but when there are fumbles, interceptions, and penalties. It is then the players most need to hear their fans cheering them, encouraging them not to give up. Any group of people needs encouragement and support the most when things are going badly, that is also true for the Church.