On Sunday 25 June, a group from the St Vincent de Paul Society visited Embo to hand out T-shirts and beanies to the Embo children.  The monthly food parcels for those families most in need in the area were also handed out.
Members of SSVP’s  Sewing Group were heartened to see the welcome received for their labour of love when handing out the T-shirts to children with eager little faces, some solemn others smiling. The T-shirts were donned immediately as were the beanies, as can be seen in the accompanying pictures. The ladies of St Dominic’s who have knitted furiously over the past few months will be pleased to see this.
 Embo parish members, Priska and Francina, who co-ordinated the handover, were very happy and appreciative, expressing their joy with many hugs!
The Sewing Group continues to hope for helpers in their endeavours. Fabric and patterns are provided. They meet every Tuesday after 0900 Holy Mass at St Dominic’s.  Contact Jenny Meilhon on 082 499 5395 or 031 762 2013
On Sunday the SSVP group visited Embo

On Friday morning Helen Bellew and Marilyn Daly went out to Embo to visit and to give the Gogo’s Bedsocks.   They were delighted and we are sure they are sleeping snuggly with their feet nice and warm.  
Thank you to all the ladies who so kindly knitted these bed socks and the beanies for our Winter Warmth.   We really do appreciate all your kindness and help.

From fabric donated by Sheryl Chessa of Celtico to the Saint Vincent de Paul Society (SSVP), Hillcrest Conference, two St Dom’s ladies lovingly began sewing T-Shirts for needy children of the various projects the society supports in the Valley of a Thousand Hills and Mariannhill.
Initiated by Anne Knickelbein and Pat Rowe, who bring their scissors and sewing machines every Tuesday to St Dom’s, the sewing circle has grown. They have been joined on the Tuesday morning’s by cutter-outer Jenny Traut, whilst a number of other ladies have taken fabric home to cut out and sew, including Kathy Borrageiro, Rose Carr and Norma Barbeiri, as well as SSVP members Margie Smart, Cynthia Mazoue and Lynette Kuster.
The first batch of colourful T-Shirts were delivered to Sister Helena at Streetwise, Mariannhill, and the next batch will be distributed to  Embo on 25 June when members of SSVP will be visiting to hand out the monthly food parcels.
The Sewing Circle would welcome new members. If you are interested, either in joining the ladies on Tuesdays, or cutting out and/or sewing at home, please contact Jenny Meilhon on 082 4995395.   

Surrounded by colourful T-Shirts are Anne Knickelbein seated, on the right Pat Rowe, the two initiators of T-Shirts with Love and on the left is Jenny Traut, who has joined them on Tuesday mornings.